Love Messages

Rachael Ray Interviews Michael Fiore about Love Messages

Has your relationship become ordinary and dull? It does not have to be this way. You can start sending powerful love messages today.

It’s what you say, how you say it and when you say your love messages. Get the wisdom of an expert and begin firing up your boring relationship now.

Lets face it people, life gets tedious. Maybe you both have jobs, maybe you have kids, maybe you have many personal obligations you must fill every day. Over time all the many little details we are so caught up in on a daily basis can really add up to killing the feelings of romance we used to have. Remember how it was when you first met. The Romance. The exhilarating feeling just to hear their voice. The excitement of anticipating the next time you will meet. The gifts. How it is even simple things you do together were so much fun.

You do not have to lose the romance

Relationships do take some work, most people have heard that. But what do you do? Think about it, what have you tried to re-create the romance? What tips have you heard on working on relationships? What have you heard about to re-excite real romance? Which ones actually worked? How many were too complicated, too expensive, or just plain weird?

A simple and effective way to bring back the romance is love messages. I am not talking about sexting. I am talking about the tested and effective texts anyone can start using today. All worked out by an expert in the field of dayting to give you what works. What works today so you don’t have to try something then wind up having to explain later what you really meant. Tried true and tested methods. Get Love Messages now.

Almost everybody lives with their smartphone by their side so why not put yourself right by your partner’s side with the texts that will help you both have a deeper and happier relationship. There is no need to accept the status quo if it is not everything you want it to be.

The Love Messages system will show you the the best working text messages you can send to your lover so you will rekindle the spark of passion in your relationship. For example, what he calls  the ‘curiosity magnet’ texts will develop attraction. You can use the ‘appreciation texts’ will make your lover feel needed and wanted. ‘sensual compliments’ will turn the passion into a burning flame of desire.

What you can do today to increase romance

You will also learn how you can customize the given texts to fit different situations. This way everything will become personally yours. There is a section for long distance relationships. If you have one of those you know it can be difficult to keep the passion alive.

You can even get detailed texts you can use on someone you are trying to attract. You will find there are many different times and places you can use the texts and information in this fabulous course. Whether you are looking to rekindle the romance and passion or develop depth in a new relationship you will get specific texts you can use today to be immediatly moving forward to a better relationship and a more fulfilling life.

Men and women have their own approaches.

For Women

Text The Romance Back for Women

For Men

Text The Romance Back for Men

You can see If your partner is not giving you the romance you deserve then it is up to you to take steps to make your relationship be how you want it to be. Michael Fiore is an expert in relationships and this simple program has helped many many people to bring back the romance to their relationships.

Step By Step Guide

If you had a perfect relationship you probably wouldn’t be reading this. This Text the Romance Back is  a step by step guide; with everything you need to start now including sample text messages to send to your lover or hope to be lover  and showing you the perfect timing of when to hit the “send” button so you will get the results you desire; a lingering and heartfelt romantic feeling in your lover.

Want to know all you will be getting?

Here is the outline

Part #1 – the crib sheet. 

The crib sheet is included a separate part of the Text The Romance Back and is a short fast way to get to the meat of the course. The crib sheet is about 25 pages long and is full of text message examples, different methods, and even two way conversations.

It is my favorite piece of the Text The Romance Back package because you can print it out and take it with you and use it for easy quick reference on the go.

Here is the breakdown of the crib sheet for Text The Romance Back:

  • Introduction….page 3
  • Your 30 Day Text the Romance Back Plan….page 4
  • Appreciation Texts….page 5
  • Sensual Compliment Texts….page 7
  • Curiosity Magnets….page 9
  • Bait Questions….page 11
  • The Relationship Time Machine….page 13
  • The Text Massage….page 15
  • Private Whispers….page 17
  • Digital Foreplay….page 19
  • Long Distance Love….page 23
  • Text Dating and Text Flirting….page 24
  • Closing Thoughts….page 25

Part #2 – Text The Romance Back ebook.

The ebook is 124 pages long…it is absolutely LOADED with all kinds of stuff that will make you say WOW. Rather than me trying to explain everything, I have posted the whole index of the book below. Believe me, Michael went the 2nd mile on this book.

Page 72 is one of my favorites. :)

  • Part 1: What You Need to Know Before You Text….page 22
  • Who This Program Is For (And Who it’s Not For)….page 23
  • Why Texting Is The Magic Key….page 27
  • Core Concepts….page 32
  • Part 2: The 30 Day Program Revealed….page 43
  • The Text the Romance Back System….page 44
  • Your 30 Day Text the Romance Back Plan….page 51
  • Week 1: Appreciation Texts and Sensual Compliments….page 52
  • Appreciation Texts….page 53
  • Sensual Compliment Texts….page 62
  • Quick Review of Week 1 ….page 70
  • Week 2: Curiosity Magnets and Bait Questions ….page 71
  • Curiosity Magnets ….page 72
  • Bait Questions ….page 78
  • Quick Review of Week 2 ….page 84
  • Week 3: Relationship Time Machine and Text Massage ….page 85
  • The Relationship Time Machine ….page 86
  • The Text Massage ….page 97
  • Quick Review of Week 3 ….page 102
  • Week 4: Private Whispers and Digital Foreplay ….page 103
  • Private Whispers ….page 104
  • Digital Foreplay ….page 109
  • Quick Review of Week 4 ….page 122
  • Part 3: Variations ….page 123
  • Long Distance Love ….page 124
  • Text Dating and Text Flirting ….page 133
  • Final Thoughts ….page 144

Can you see here how much this will take you by the hand and lead you to become as well versed as the renowned relationship expert Michel Fiore? Did you see the video? Did you see the effect Michael’s one text had on Rachael Ray, how it gave her shivers of delight? This is powerful stuff and you will be able to get results right away.

100 % Money Back Guarantee for 60 days.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied you can get your money back. You have nothing to risk and everything to gain.

Do any of these apply to you?

  • You just started dating and you don’t want to kill the relationship?
  • You feel too much like “Just Friends”
  • The spark of romance you used to have is gone?
  • You feel “too busy” to be romantic?
  • Your Job or your kids or other obligations get in the way of a deep fulfilling relationship?.
  • You know you are drifting apart
  • You know you are not giving your partner what they really want
  • You want to recover from problems you have been having in your relationship?
  • You have been getting in stupid fights over nothing
  • You want to bring back the FUN in your relationship.

If any of these apply to you then this course is for you.


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