Gold is a protection against inflation

Everyone can afford gold now with this user-friendly Gold currency.

This is 999.9 pure 24k gold (the best quality in the world) certified by LBMA refineries and accessible in a transportable form of currency. Just like you carry $1, $5, or $20 bills .. Now there is 1g, 2.5g, and even 5g of gold that are the size of a credit card.

3 Karatbars cards

Karatbars International GmbH have developed a system that you can benefit from just by introducing it to others.

Step 1 – Discover Karatbars

Everyone should exchange paper money for Gold money ! (*real money) Here is why …

Karatbars International has made acquiring gold bullion more affordable, more accessible and transaction friendly.

With their e-Commerce platform and their powerful affiliate system you can literally get paid in both cash and free gold by saving Gold and showing others how to do the same.

It’s a system where everyone is connected and all part of a team together.

We will help you benefit from the system because we work as a TEAM. The V24K team is one of the fastest growing teams with over 50,000 members already.

Step 2 – Understand Karatbars

The better informed you are = The better position you are to share the news about the Gold savings account opportunity.

Karatbars International offers a way to reliably and simply move small amounts of paper money into gold savings securely stored for you or delivered to you.

Not just any gold but 24 karat 99 9.9 fine gold bullion produced by an LBMA accredited refinery.

Gold is financial insurance
Imagine affordable gold bars as small as 1 gram shipped by FedEx right to your front door every week or every month.

Real money with the store of value to protect your savings against devaluing paper currency and inflation.

Step 3 – Getting Paid in Karatbars

Discover how you can create a residual and passive source of income while accumulating Gold.

There are seven (7) different compensation plans that are happening inside the Karatbars system and the really good news is that all seven of these income streams are happening live and simultaneous.

But here’s the thing : the last four are the result of the first three, so we will talk only about the Dual system for now.

V24K is one of the fastest growing team out there with +50,000 members already and you will not be left alone. Just know for now that we will help you benefit from the system “faster” because we work in TEAM.

Step 4 – Educate Yourself

This video series is a MUST if you want to know what’s really happening in the world today !

We are entering a period of financial crisis that is the greatest the world has ever known. The wealth transfer that will take place during this decade is the greatest wealth transfer in history. Therefore it’s the greatest opportunity in history and it’s not going to happen again in your lifetime. Are you aware of this ? Are you ready for this ? Are you sure ? Are you REALLY sure ?

The best investment you can make in your lifetime is your own education. Education on the history of money. Education on finance and how the global economy works. Learn as much as you can now to protect your financial future and put yourself on the correct side of the wealth transfer that is to come.

Educate yourself NOW on the issues with our current economic system. by watching this 5 part series. Each video is approximately 25 to 30 minutes in length. It is exceptionally well done and we are sure you will find it informative and educational. Designed for your entertainment in an easy to understand format. (*the 5 videos serie direct link on Youtube )

Michael Maloney is a global leader in gold and silver sales and one of the world’s most highly regarded investment education companies since 2005. He is author of the best selling precious metals investment book of all time, Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver, published in 2008.

Timing is everything – Act NOW !!

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What some team members are saying :

I am extremely grateful for this company and the vision of its founder Mr. Harald Seiz: To bring gold to the masses, and to help the everyday person achieve true wealth and financial freedom. Thank you Karatbars International for this opportunity of a lifetime! And thank you to everyone in my Team for making this possible!
Martin Thibeault Canada
I love the concept of being able to build a business with no overhead or monthly fees and working on a schedule that I could choose! Within 8 weeks in the business our team rapidly grew to over 60 business owners and we are just getting started. For me it was a no-brainer, We are not selling lotions & potions & pills to help you lose weight, we are providing an asset that holds its purchasing power.
Alex Evoy Canada

V24K = We save Money + We make Money