Start exchanging your paper money for Gold

It’s time to protect yourself against inflation and educate people about doing the same.

If the dollar collapses, are you prepared ? Are you exchanging a portion of your savings into gold ? Because the paper currency is loosing it’s value and gold bullion in small units is the only and best insurance if something unexpected happens in our lives. It cannot go bust, it can never be worthless and still is the best way of securing value when everything goes down the drain.

Start Here – Watch this presentation

Karatbars International GmbH specializes in the sale of small 999.9 pure gold bars and gift items. They are registered as an e-commerce Company, with an amazing affiliate program.

This video is 49 minutes long but well worth your time. You will learn how to protect your financial assets against inflation while creating a passive residual income and accumulate FREE gold in the process. Isn’t that great or what ?

Karatbars mission is to produce the highest quality gold available in the market, make it easily accessible to the masses of honest people around the world at a price point everyone can afford. Karatbars goal is to help millions find financial freedom from the current system of debt.
Harald Seiz, Owner, Founder, Visionary, Karatbars International.

Educate Yourself First

The best investment that you can make in your lifetime is your own education.

Education on the history of money. Education on finance. Education on how the global economy works. Because if you learn what is going on and how the financial world works, you can protect yourself and put yourself on the correct side of this wealth transfer.

We are entering a period of financial crisis that is the greatest the world has ever known. The wealth transfer that will take place during this decade is the greatest wealth transfer in history. Therefore it’s the greatest opportunity in history and it’s not gonna happen again in your lifetime. Are you aware of this ? And do you want to benefit from it ?

Michael Maloney is a global leader in gold and silver sales and one of the world’s most highly regarded investment education companies since 2005. He is author of the best selling precious metals investment book of all time, Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver, published in 2008.

V24K team will help you succeed

We’re one of the fastest growing team out there with over 37 000 people worldwide (*May 2015)

We helped thousands regain and maximize their Time by simply trading a devaluating paper currency to a superior one called GOLD.

Welcome message from Stephane

I discovered a system that if followed could generate hundreds even thousands of dollars on a weekly basis. A system that offered a product usually reserved to millionaires, that was now made available in smaller units to everyone, based on a simple voluntary basis off saving.

Thank you Harald Seiz for your vision and for creating what I personally think is the best opportunity in the world! Thank you Karatbars and thank you to my team!!!

Life is what we make of it, I consider myself very fortunate to be part of such an amazing concept and am devoted to share it with the rest of the world!!!
Stephane Rocheleau, Team leader, Vision 24K.

What some team members are saying :

I am extremely grateful for this company and the vision of its founder Mr. Harald Seiz: To bring gold to the masses, and to help the everyday person achieve true wealth and financial freedom. Thank you Karatbars International for this opportunity of a lifetime! And thank you to everyone in my Team for making this possible!
Martin Thibeault Quebec, Canada
I love the concept of being able to build a business with no overhead or monthly fees and working on a schedule that I could choose! Within 8 weeks in the business our team rapidly grew to over 60 business owners and we are just getting started. For me it was a no-brainer, We are not selling lotions & potions & pills to help you lose weight, we are providing an asset that holds its purchasing power.
Alex Evoy Ontario, Canada

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